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Welcome To Healthy Core Physical Therapy & Wellness!

Get the relief from your pelvic health issues you've been waiting for!

Serving Palm Beach & Broward County

Our mission

Help you resolve embarrassing bowel and bladder issues, eliminate pain, provide the best pregnancy and postpartum care for pelvic health issues.


We put you in control, giving you the knowledge and tools to restore function, treat pain and prevent pain in all stages of life.  Get us on your team today so you can start making lasting progress toward doing the things you love without fear of pain, fear or embarrassment.   

8 Reasons to Choose Healthy Core PT For Your Pelvic Health Care?

1. Pelvic Health is our specialty

At Healthy Core Physical Therapy & Wellness, we specialize exclusively in pelvic health is not an add-on to other specialities.

2. ​We are dedicated to finding out "why" your symptoms exist

We perform a thorough orthopedic and pelvic floor assessment to get to the bottom of what's causing your symptoms so you can find lasting relief. ​

3. ​You deserve our undivided attention

You can rest assured that your will always be seen on a 1 to 1 basis and your session will never be double-booked with another patient.

4. Your Privacy is our utmost priority​

We understand the  understand the sensitivity of pelvic health issues and the need for privacy. All treatments are conducted in a private treatment room, not an open gym, and all patient records and information are kept strictly confidential. 

5. Receive care from a true pelvic health specialist 

Your therapist has extensive training in a wide variety of pelvic health conditions and spends 100% of their time working with pelvic health conditions. 

6. Work with the same Physical Therapist every session

We understand the importance of developing a relationship of trust with your therapist, therefore, you will seen the same therapist throughout your treatment.​ You will never passed on  to an aide.

7. No cookie cutter therapy​

Your treatments will be based on YOUR evaluation and will include a combination of hands-on treatments, strength training and other treatment modalities to achieve YOUR goals.​

8. Treatments that involve a full-body approach

We offer a unique service of pelvic floor physical therapy that takes a full-body approach to treating your symptoms. Our treatments involve real-life activities and challenges to help you strengthen and restore your pelvic floor muscles, while also addressing other areas of the body that may be contributing to your symptoms.

Women doing hamstring stretch and yoga pose on mat

What We Treat

Older woman smiling

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


Pelvic pain

Baby holding mother's hand



Post-Partum Recovery

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